Editorial Note

Welcome to the first issue of Classics Ireland. We hope you will find the range of articles interesting, informative or at least provocative. Topics range from the problems and delights of teaching Classics, of meeting gods and God, Plato's dreams, Irish archaeologists in Crete, sex in Athens, ancient explorers, a review of a new version of The Trojan Women , performed in the Peacock Theatre, Dublin last year and what Greeks thought when they first visited Rome.

The aim of Classics Ireland is to publish articles about all aspects of the ancient world for the members of the Classical Association of Ireland. The Association was set up in 1992 and Dr Mitchell from Trinity College, Dublin gave the Inaugural Lecture about classics in Ireland. The text of his address forms the first item.

The only necessary qualification to join the Association is a wish to learn more about the classical world and therefore we would ask prospective contributors to direct their work towards the interested lay reader rather than the specialists, although we hope the articles will be of value to them too.

Despite the impression given by the list of contents neither I nor our readers discriminate against women contributors or Roman/Latin topics. Articles should follow the conventions of Greece and Rome , and preferably should be sent both on paper and on disk, to me in the Dept of Classics, UCD. They will of course be sent out to readers before a decision to publish.

We welcome comments on the present issue and on possible directions for the future and will publish relevant letters/replies to articles.

Theresa Urbainczyk
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