Editorial Note

Carpets of Stone: the Graeco-Roman Legacy in the Levant

Claudine Dauphin (1-32)

Greek Gifts and Roman Suspicion

Andrew Erskine (33-45)

Fifth-century Athenian and Augustan Images of the Barbarian Other

Philip Hardie (46-56)

In Search of Diocletian

Adrian Higham (57-66)

Zeno and Gallienus: Two Gentlemen of Verona

Mark Humphries (67-78)

Homeric Poetry and its Significance for the Modern World

J.V. Luce (79-96)

On Looking into the First Paperback of Pope's Homer

David Ricks (97-120)

George Thomson and Ancient Greece

Richard Seaford (121-33)

Book Reviews

Greeks and Romans

R.B. Bradshaw (134-37)

Art in the Roman Empire

C.V. Walthew (138-43)


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