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historical short story competition, Journey's End by Jason Bolton. We were all amazed by the sheer volume and variety of the entries. We did enjoy reading them all so thank you to everyone who entered. Because it was so successful I am not running it again this year but will definitely do so at some later stage. Awarding the prize was extremely difficult. The judges had wildly differing shortlists so the message to those who didn't win is: keep writing.

We also have articles on the influence of a classical education on James Joyce and George Bernard Shaw; there is a piece on the role of Herodotus in The English Patient, a film which you either love or hate. The Roman side is represented by an examination of how the Romans acquired their empire and for something completely different, there is an article on the humour of Aristophanes. There are rather more book reviews than usual but they are all short and entertaining, even if you don't manage to read the books.

This journal is produced primarily for the members of the Classical Association of Ireland. The only requirement for membership is an interest in the ancient world (see back of journal for details). If you would like to write something for us, we would ask that you keep articles short and footnotes to a minimum. Contributions, on paper only, should be sent to me at the address below. As our readers (everything is sent out to readers before a decision to publish) often have at least some suggested alterations it is less expensive for you if you send me disks at a later stage. Articles should not be more than 5,000 words and book reviews not more than 800 words unless we agree otherwise. Please keep, or start writing!

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